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IntranetWhat’s the definition of an intranet at the moment?

In the past 15 to 20 years for many organisations the intranet has become a synonym for a bunch of static webpages together. Usually alot of the content is a tad old, unmanaged and unstructured. More and more organisations are now making their intranet startpage ”the single point of entry” in their organisation. With the ongoing rise of tablet-pc’s and smartphones, intranets should be available too through these systems. We see a transition into the fact that flexible handling of data is getting exceptionally important for intranets.

Big pile

Besides that, more and more functionalities are added to the intranet, like event calendars, wiki’s, forums, status updates. An amazing amount of really groovy solutions are added to intranets, wether they are business apps or other killer apps that draw visitors to the intranet on a daily base. The biggest problem however is that many of these apps have been separated from the intranet for years and years. The “intranet” is carved into people’s minds as the synonym I mentioned earlier in the post: “a big pile of webpages”.


You can notice this in daily conversations. Often we hear: “we added a calender to our intranet” or “we added status-updates as a possibility to our intranet”. This still feels like these applications and the intranet are seperate entities. Like they had to be integrated into an intranet, instead of being part of an intranet.

Due to the stormy developments within the intranet industry, maybey the word “intranet” does not justify the possibilities of internal online communication and collaboration anymore. Are we shifting more thowards a “digital workplace”, “intraplatform” or “digital work environment”?


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