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Lately I came across a very interesting link on Twitter referring me to the Interact Intranet website where I could download a free Intranet Report full of interesting info and a guide on how to deploy a succesfull intranet. A very interesting read and afterwars I was contacted by Interact Intranet if I wanted to have a live demo session of the product. The UK company gives livedemo opportunities through the web while talking you through the product.

Interact Intranet sample homepage










Sample homepage of Interact Intranet solution

After setting up all the webconference stuff it was time for a one hour product demonstration and I must say that Interact has place some very nifty features in their intranet. Here’s a short summary of the most impressive stuff:

Users have an amount of days to spend each year on days off. Through Interact employees can see the amount of days they have left. If they want to take some days off, they can digitally mark which dates they want off through the intranet. Automatically a signal will be sent to the manager. The manager has an overview through Interact of all the holiday request and can simply approve or disapprove requests according to the situation.

Configurable homepages
I liked the fact that Interact can make different homepages for different groups of people (depending on location or group or country). Also the homepages are totally configurable with different widgets.

News widget with “i have read this” tickbox
If you want to spread really important news through the company that requires reading, you can add a tickbox to the news to let users confirm they have read this. Shouldn’t be used often, but can be very interesting to put a little extra pressure on super important info.

Form builder
Excellent form builder that could really help workflows getting organised through the intranet. Easy to create and use forms are quite underestimated in many company’s (usually you have to e-mail a service centre and you always seem to forget some informatie. Or even worse: you have to download a Word-document, fill it in and e-mail it to the service centre)

Intelligent search
You can tag information and the system will suggest which tags fit best to certain information. Besides that it keeps track on which keywords and tags have been searched the most the past period of time. This gives very valuable insight in what kind of information is relevant and most searched by users.

Phased social implementation
Not every organisation is ready to embrace social elements into their intranet. Some are really quick, for others there’s a real cultural challenge. Nice thing about Interact Intranet is that you can introduce social elements gradually. Start maybey with an own profile for employees and gradually add social elements. This will increase adoption rate and gives users the time to slowly learn about the intranet.

No calendar/events
This is a feature I really missed though. I have to be a bit critical as well. I missed the ability to organise events and invite people/groups to join the event. A really interesting feature that could really save time in organising events and making guestlists.

Interact Intranet really looks like a great solution and combines traditional and social elements in a great way. If you are interested in getting a live demo go and visit them. Do you have an intranet product or CMS you wish to see reviewed on my blog? Please contact me through Twitter

Interact Intranet People Directory

Sample page of a people directory


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